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Lucy as ‘Level 2’ In Wired Magazine: 5 Levels (starting at 4:08)

Clips from ‘The Funeral’ directed by Nada Bedair: NYU Grad student film

COVID Vaccine PSA: Dayside TV, Girard Tecson

Wired Magazine’s “5 Levels”

Clips from “The Funeral”

COVID Vaccine PSA by Dayside TV



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Excerpt from “Election”
Excerpt from “Little Women”
Excerpt from “Defying Gravity”

Tammy, “Election”

Amy, “Little Women”

Elizabeth, “Defying Gravity”



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Vocal Selections

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“Reflection” from Disney’s “Mulan”

“Fine, Fine Line” from “Avenue Q”

“When He Sees Me” from “Waitress”

“Reflection” from Mulan

“Fine, Fine Line” from Avenue Q

“When He Sees Me” from Waitress