Lucy J. Kassel is a 16-year-old SAG-eligible actress. Born in 2006, in NYC, she was in her first musical at the age of seven. When she was eleven, she booked her first film and started her professional acting career. She is now a 10th grader at the Professional Performing Arts School and majors in Drama. Lucy was in 8 short films in 2021. Additionally, some of her credits include a short-form video for Nickelodeon’s social platforms, 5 Levels: Wired Magazine, and promotional videos for ‘Promethean’, ‘Lexia Learning’, and ‘The Writer’s Desk’. Lucy also sings and writes her own music. Lucy is represented by the Jackson Agency and Bonafide and Emerging Artists. In May 2022, she performed in City Center’s ‘Into The Woods’, as part of their Community Chorus.







Lucy began performing in musicals when she was seven and she booked her first film at the age of eleven. Lucy has appeared in 12 films since 2021, including three leads in student films, and a speaking role in an independent feature. She was recently in a commercial for ‘Promethean’ and she was in a promotional video for ‘The Writers Desk’. This past summer (2021) Lucy was in a Vaccine PSA video with Dayside TV, a video with Karim Jovian that got over 1 million likes and 4 million views on various platforms, and she was Level 2 in Wired Magazine YouTube: 5 Levels, which also received over 1 million views.


In 2020, Lucy competed in ‘The Ultimate Singing Competition’ with Taylor Productions and made it to the top 12. She has performed in numerous cabarets, both virtual and in-person, at venues including Don’t Tell Mama and The Duplex. She held a virtual benefit concert, produced by Taylor Productions, which raised over $120 for Magnificat Cat Rescue. Lucy continues to sing and write her own music. She hopes to someday produce her own album.